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Pre- and probiotics with ginger, turmeric and black pepper

Pre- and probiotics with ginger, turmeric and black pepper

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🌱 Strengthens the immune system

🌱 Better regulation of the stomach

🌱 Made according to organic principles with organic ingredients

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Product description

The bottle was developed by a nurse and nutritional therapist.
It can be considered a dietary supplement, which can be used with advantage every day.
The bottle contains both pre-, pro- and postbiotics and vitamin K2.

*The bottle is also recommended as a daily dietary supplement by the author Anette Harbech Olesen in her new book "Gaven til Maven".
Anette is Danish and has the website "Mad for lifet" see more here:
The bottle is used by people in the age group 10-100 years, also people with various challenges.
If the content is strong, you can pour it into a glass of water.

How much do you need?
- Feedback says that most people need 2 pcs. bottles in the first month.
Then approx. 1 pc. bottle every 4-6. week. Remember that we are all different and have different needs.

Bacteria live in your stomach, bacteria that help you absorb nutrients and vitamins. If your gut doesn't work, it won't be able to absorb the nutrients and benefit from it either. The bottle contains specific, good bacterial strains/live lactic acid bacteria that have been on the market for over 20 years and are well tested. In addition, it also contains prebiotics, food for the bacteria, this is a fiber and our bottle does not contain sugar.

It does not matter which pre- and probiotics you take in, and the bottle should not be mixed with other probiotic products, for example tablets.
Remember that our bottle is of premium quality!

The bottle is a fermented herbal drink with live bacterial culture and is a completely unique product. It contains good, specific strains of bacteria and fermented herbs that can be good for digestion, ginger, turmeric (which is claimed to fight inflammation) and chili pepper for the absorption of the turmeric in your body. The drink therefore has a slightly strong taste of chili.
Studies claim that ginger and turmeric can, among other things, be blood thinners and anti-inflammatory.

You can read more about ginger and turmeric in the links below:ällenden-reduserer-menjejas/

Ginger and turmeric are said to be able to thin the blood, so be careful if you use blood-thinning drugs.
It is recommended to have a stay of around 14 days before any surgery.

Tests show that the bottle contains approximately 200 million bacteria per milliliter. There are approximately 4 billion bacteria per table spoon.
The number per liter is therefore huge! The multiplication can also continue further in the bottle, so that the bacteria multiply further.
It contains, among other things, the two important bacterial families: Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

The gut should be your first priority, as your immune system is completely dependent on your internal microflora and hence
absorption of nutrients from food and drink!

"Several researchers now believe that approx. 80% of our immune system has a direct connection to this enormous intestinal mucosa, which makes up a full 3-400 m2 of the intestine's inner surface! Many studies now highlight the connection with the gut and failing health as several bacterial colonies are now gone from today's industrial food industry."

Our mix contains: "Yes, thank you both". That is, live lactic acid bacteria (no milk) for the intestine (probiotics) as well as food for the intestine as the bacteria are fed on fructooligosaccharides (FOS = prebiotics) from greens. This is a fibre, so the drink can also be very beneficial for some people with Candida/fungus. Some believe that sugar is like food for the internal fungus so that it increases and does not decrease. It is said that other disease processes are also increased through sugar intake.
That is why sugar is avoided in our probiotics as there will always be residues left.

Recommended dosage:
If you consume the drink immediately before a meal, you can give your body an opportunity to break down the food more easily and make the nutrients more accessible.
Recommended starting dose: 1-2 corks in the morning which is increased after 3 - 4 days to 3 times a day with the main meals. If necessary, you can also increase the intake in periods and you can take up to 0.5 dl daily. The bottle should not be mixed with other probiotic products, for example tablets.

- Listen to YOUR body as we are all different!

The contents of the bottle through the digestive system:
Attempts have been made, with the bacterial strains we use, to survive in the digestive system. It turned out that when a patient receives these, the number of lactic acid bacteria in the stool rises after a few hours. When the patient does not receive a supplement of lactic acid bacteria, the number in the stool drops after a couple of days. We have also received feedback from customers who have tested and confirmed many good bacteria in the gut with regular use. Our lactic acid bacteria are so-called transient, i.e. they work through the system, without attaching to the intestinal wall. They are alive out of the system too,
thus, they are able to do a job all the way through.

Customer feedback

The feedback below can be found in advertisements online from users of the bottle, and are their subjective opinions.
As you can see, many people believe that the bottle improves their health.

"Yes, it works!"

-Better regulation of the stomach.

-Strengthens the immune system and improves absorption of nutrients.

-Uses the bottle preventively every day.
-Better regulation of the stomach after antibiotic courses.
- Can be used together with antibiotic treatment.
-Reduction of food allergy to milk.
-Less bloated.
-Less challenges when visiting the toilet.
-Reduction of impure skin/acne - clearer skin.
-Less pain in joints.
-Less stiff and stiff after training.
-Reduction of Candida/fungus.
-Works well for weight reduction.
- More well-being and profit.
-Better sleep.


From organic and wild ingredients without pesticides:

Water, ginger*, turmeric*, chili pepper*, FOS from greens*, elderflower*, anise*, basil*, fenugreek*, dill*, juniper*, fennel*, black elder*, water*, chervil*, licorice root*, oregano*, peppermint*, parsley*, chamomile*, rosemary*, sage*, nettle*, thyme*. Vitamin K2.
As the bottle contains chili, it is therefore somewhat strong in taste. If it is to be used by children, we therefore recommend that the content
taken in a glass of water, smoothie or similar.
* Organic ingredients.

Bacterial culture: Lactobacillus acidophillus/rhamnosus/casei, bifidobacterium animalis/lactis/longum, streptococcus thermophilus, lactococcus lactis subsp/lactis biov. diacetyllactis, leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides.

Store cool 0-8 degrees, shelf life after opening approx. 3 months. in a refrigerator.
It is usually 10-12 months. shelf life of the bottle when it is sent from us.

Nutritional content per 100g:

Energy 59kJ/14kcal,
Fat 0g/saturated fat 0g
Carbohydrates 2.2g, sugars 0g
Protein 0.2g,
Salt 0g,
Dietary fiber 1g

Net content: 500 ml

NB! Certain goods are exceptions to the right of withdrawal. This is an item that deteriorates or has a limited shelf life when it is not kept cool,
and is such a product, the bottle cannot therefore be returned and will therefore not be refunded. The same applies if you do not collect your ordered bottle and it is returned to us from the collection point, post office/shop. See shipping and returns.

- A non alcoholic beverage/the bottle does not contain alcohol.

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