Privacy and cookies

Information that can be obtained

Personal data such as name, e-mail and telephone number are, if this is provided by the customer, stored in our database. In addition, data is stored on how visitors maneuver on the website.


Purpose of obtaining information

Collection of information may be used to provide the customer with information via e-mail or SMS, if the customer has accepted this upon registration. Name and e-mail can e.g. shared with the Mailchimp newsletter program. Other information such as IP address will be used by google analytics for analysis of the website.


Sharing of personal data

Personal data will not be sold, transferred, sold or in any other way disclosed to others, unless we are legally obliged to disclose the information.


Access to your personal data

You can request access to your personal data provided to the website. You have the full right to correct and/or delete your information that has been provided. You have your full right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority about processing in breach of the rules.


Communication through e-mail and SMS

As a user of the website, you will be able to receive e-mails and SMS if you have indicated this yourself (via the contact form or that you have left your information in other ways). You will be able to receive e.g. email from us that is related to your customer relationship and services we offer. Essential information will not be asked for consent to send out. Information related to newsletters, campaigns and the like will also be able to be received via e-mail and SMS. Such communication will only take place if you have actively given us consent to such contact.


Cookies and cookies

This website uses cookies to optimize your experience as a user. Cookies are also used for analysis, links to social media, newsletter services such as Mailchimp, marketing services such as Facebook and Instagram ads, Google AdWords and the like.


What are cookies?

Cookies, or cookies as they are often referred to in Norwegian, are small digital traces that are left in your browser after you have visited a website. These digital traces are left for various reasons. Examples of information that is left behind are user location, login information and language selection.

These digital traces help the website remember who you are, giving you a warmer welcome the next time you visit it.

Cookies normally do not contain personal or sensitive information, and are generally harmless and very useful for the best possible everyday life online.


Necessary cookies

Certain cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function optimally. These are called necessary cookies. Without these, you will have a very reduced user experience.


Cookies for analysis

Another type of digital trace that is left in your browser is to analyze the use of the website. The information does not contain any personal information. Only objectively where and how users use the website. An example of this is the analysis service Google analytics.


Marketing cookies

Cookies are also used for targeted marketing. We use programs such as Mailchimp, Google adwords, Facebook ads and Instagram ads to reach more of our potential customers. When you have been on our website, you may find that advertisements from us, or similar services, appear as advertisements on other websites you visit.


Manual deletion of cookies

All the places you move on the internet leave cookies in various forms. It makes everyday life easier to maneuver through, but you may occasionally wonder if it might be a good idea to do a little tidying up? Manual deletion of cookies can be done in all browsers and on all devices. It varies from device to device and browser to browser, but is relatively easy to achieve. If you can't figure it out, a simple google search will guide you through the process


Blocking of cookies

You can manually go into the browser and block all cookies. This is not a recommended choice, as it will compromise the user-friendliness of the websites and your experience as a user. The vast majority of cookies are completely harmless, and give you a simpler and better digital everyday life.

If you still want to block all cookies, a simple Google search will help you with how and which device and browser you want to do this on.



Contact for questions about your personal data is made by contacting us via e-mail.