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Prana Yoga/Cold bath & Sauna 15-16. June 2024

Prana Yoga/Cold bath & Sauna 15-16. June 2024

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15-16. June start at 09:00 Saturday and until 15:00 Sunday.

Bodil comes from Prana Yoga in Kristiansand and has yoga classes, together with Erik from Wim Hof ​​Norway and has breathing, cold baths with Badstu.

Bodil: If you want to regulate the effects of stress, then it is the Vagus nerve (vn) that you should activate. When you stimulate vn, the immune system can be improved, inflammation can be reduced and hormone production can be stimulated. There will be simple breathing exercises these 2 days, which strengthen vn and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Erik: "Fire & Ice": These days, it seems like "everyone" is an expert in ice bathing.
If you want to learn more about the science behind and the techniques from a well-renowned and trained Wim Hof ​​instructor, who has been trained by "The iceman himself", we recommend the course with Erik. Erik himself practices the method every day. We offer both cold and hot with us this weekend. PS! It is not just about "jumping in" (and holding your breath) and swimming for something more lasting to happen in terms of health inside the body.

Only 10 places. Total price per person is for the course, delicious food from our garden and hello - coffee & tea, accommodation in a 30m2 dome with WC and sink shared by 2 people.


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