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Face mist with Pre- and probiotics 50 ml

Face mist with Pre- and probiotics 50 ml

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🌱 Vegan product

🌱 No added perfume

🌱 Made from wild, natural and organic ingredients

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Product description

Moisturizing Facial Mist 50 ml

Did you know that what you smear or spray on your skin goes straight into your bloodstream and can cause "trouble" for you?

That is why we have now developed a nutritious skin care range with pre- and probiotics in addition to the minerals and vitamins your skin needs.
Your skin consists of millions of bacteria, it is therefore most natural to apply a pre- and probiotic that is adapted to it.

The bottle is a moisturizing and mineral-rich facial mist with a lovely scent of jasmine. The mist contains pre- and probiotics that are adapted to the skin's natural microflora. It can also protect against inflammation, free radicals and pollution.

The bottle is used to add moisture throughout the day, but can also be used under and over make-up. Recommended storage is below 25 degrees.

Can be used by all skin types, it can be used alone, or before you add the serum to your skin, then you get both minerals, essential oils, vitamins and probiotics - everything your skin needs! Keep out of reach of children.

Made from wild, natural and organic ingredients.

*The packaging used is customized Miron Glass/violet glass from the Netherlands. The properties here are that they preserve/preserve the product longer in the bottle as they contain photons and therefore keep the product fresh. We use caps on everyone, so that you should not touch the product, but only use the dropper and spray on your skin. Always remember to wash your hands before taking the product in your hand and applying it to the skin.

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Ingredients: Mineral-rich and living spring water from Setesdal with rose hip, sea buckthorn, turmeric, jasmine, frankincense and pre/probiotics. A rose quartz crystal mixes the contents when you turn it, as well as giving extra energy and love to the mist.

Shelf life after opening: 8 months.

Vegan, not tested on animals, no added perfume. Can be used by both women and men.

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